• About Us


Our DNA and PURPOSE stems from and is fueled by our FAITH in GOD. Our clinic atmosphere is soaked in PRAYER and WORSHIP and we begin everyday with an expectancy for MIRACLES. Everything we do is FROM, THROUGH, and TO our CREATOR GOD. We seek that our WORDS, ACTIONS, and TREATMENTS are purposed for HIS GLORY and making HIS LOVE, HEALING, and NAME RENOWN.

Our Mission

By GOD’s WISDOM, we will LOVE, SERVE, TEACH, and INSPIRE our patients today. We will do this by MOUTH, by GESTURE, and by the WORK of our HANDS. MOMENTUM will be CREATED in the HEALTH of our patients lives, IGNITING their GREATEST POTENTIAL to MANIFEST the GOD-BREATHED PURPOSE and CALL upon their LIVES. Through this PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL ACTION our patients WILL… LIVE. FEEL. MOVE. BETTER.

Our Systematic Process

For those whom are dedicated to Investing in their Health we set in place a Restorative Process called our “Restoration 7 System”:

R1: Read the Bodies Innate Language System.
R2: Remove the Source of Dysfunction.
R3: Re-Establish Nutritional Pathways and Processes.
R4: Re-Activate Optimal Nervous System Function.
R5: Re-Integrate the Bodies Systematic Communication.
R6: Re-Network Healthy Habitual Patterns within the Brain.
R7: Restored and Rewarded Health filled with Abundant Life and Vibrant Adventures.



Dr. Terry is a family Chiropractor who is very passionate about helping people on their path to finding the function God intended them to have. He was born and raised in Midland Texas. He graduated from Midland College with a degree in Kinesiology, from Texas Tech University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Wellness Promotion, and then from Parker Chiropractic College with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He is the founder of Live Pure Chiropractic and has chose to model his practice with an emphasis on “Quality.” He lives each day with this personal WHY in mind, “FIRST I will FELLOWSHIP with my CREATOR, so HIS FIRE will MANIFEST through ME as I LOVE, SERVE, TEACH, and INSPIRE others today. I will use this FIRE to IGNITE the embers of untapped POTENTIAL, PURPOSE, CREATIVITY, and ABUNDANCE in people's LIVES. He looks forward to meeting you and partnering with you to see you become all you were created to be. LIVE. FEEL. MOVE. BETTER. …and always LIVE PURE!


Dr. Whitehead is a family Chiropractor who loves life and laughter and is passionate about people feeling the same and having the health to do so. He was born in North Carolina and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He attended the University of Michigan where he ran track and still holds school records. While he was there he graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. He then left the cold for warmer horizons at Parker Chiropractic College and attained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. His next move was coming to Midland Texas to join forces with Dr. Terry and what he was building at Live Pure Chiropractic. Patients love Dr. Whitehead's approach to care, life, and laughter and he has quickly become beloved by them for all the amazing skills and qualities he brings to the clinic.