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Our DNA and PURPOSE stems from and is fueled by our FAITH in GOD. Our clinic atmosphere is soaked in PRAYER and WORSHIP and we begin everyday with an expectancy for MIRACLES. Everything we do is FROM, THROUGH, and TO our CREATOR GOD. We seek that our WORDS, ACTIONS, and TREATMENTS are purposed for HIS GLORY and making HIS LOVE, HEALING, and NAME RENOWN.

Our Mission

By GOD’s WISDOM, we will LOVE, SERVE, TEACH, and INSPIRE our patients today. We will do this by MOUTH, by GESTURE, and by the WORK of our HANDS. MOMENTUM will be CREATED in the HEALTH of our patients lives, IGNITING their GREATEST POTENTIAL to MANIFEST the GOD-BREATHED PURPOSE and CALL upon their LIVES. Through this PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL ACTION our patients WILL… LIVE. FEEL. MOVE. BETTER.

Management Team

Dr. Michael Whitehead, DC

Majority Partner, Director of Professional Services

Dr. Whitehead is a family Chiropractor who loves life and laughter and is passionate about people feeling the same and having the health to do so. He was born in North Carolina and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He attended the University of Michigan where he ran track and still holds school records. While he was there he graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. He then left the cold for warmer horizons at Parker Chiropractic College and attained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. His next move was coming to Midland Texas to join forces with Dr. Terry and what he was building at Live Pure Chiropractic. Dr. Whitehead took over the practice in 2018 and continues his quest to bring health and wellness to the Permian Basin. Patients love Dr. Whitehead's approach to care, life, and laughter and he has quickly become beloved by them for all the amazing skills and qualities he brings to the clinic.

Kellie Bick

Partner, Director of Operations

Kellie manages the day-to-day operations of the clinic as well as oversees

the administrative staff.  Previously an employee, Kellie has been with Live

Pure Chiropractic since 2015.  A native of Arlington, Texas, Kellie attended Texas

Tech University and has been a Midland resident since 2008.

Greg Bick

Partner, Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Greg coordinates legal and

contractual matters for Live Pure Chiropractic, and serves as the

Chief Financial Officer.  A native of Midland, Greg is a graduate of

Robert E. Lee High School and Texas Tech University.


Dr. Meredith McKnight, DC

Dr. Meredith McKnight is a Texas A&M University BIMS alumnus, a Cum Laude Graduate of Chiropractic and holds concurrent bachelor degrees in Anatomy and Health & Wellness. While attending Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. McKnight studied abroad in Bogot'a, Colombia where she learned Spanish and trained along other doctors, physical therapists and personal trainers in assisting the Colombian Olympic athletic team. Dr. McKnight is a board eligible candidate for a diplomat in Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute and has received additional training in Functional Medicine through Apex Energetics in the following areas of study; Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional Endocrinology, Brain & Neurotransmitters, and Mastering the Thyroid. Dr. McKnight has over 10 years combined experience in functional lab analysis in practice. Dr. McKnight has a huge passion for learning and education when it comes to finding the root cause of disease. She enjoys learning new concepts on how to help the body achieve optimal performance and true healing. Dr. McKnight believes that health is the greatest asset to an individual and she strives to keep patients informed on cutting edge research in regards to prevention and disease management.

Dr. Olivia Hogan, DC

Dr. Olivia Hogan was raised in Stephenville, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University in2013. After graduation she moved to Japan where she lived and worked as a public schoolEnglish teacher for two years. Her teaching assignment was in a rural fishing village on the West coast of Japan where she was able to participate in lots of traditional Japanese culture. She loves to share stories about her unique experiences there! After finishing her teaching contract she chose to combine her passions for helping people and holistic health by pursuing a doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Hogan attended chiropractic school at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. While she was a student she began postgraduate training and certification in perinatal and pediatric chiropractic care through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). The ICPA certification is a two year program which provides additional in depth training for doctors of chiropractic to better serve families through specialized techniques and knowledge in the care of expecting mothers and children. She holds certification through the ICPA in Webster technique, a specialized chiropractic technique used to maintain pelvic balance during pregnancy. Dr. Hogan also had the opportunity to co-author a research paper on the benefits of manual therapy including chiropractic for infants with difficulty breastfeeding. We are proud to say her paper was published in the Journal of Evidence Based Medicine in December 2018. With the constant goal of becoming a better healthcare provider, Dr. Hogan continues to study in her free time. She is currently enrolled in a nutrition and functional medicine program in order to better serve her patients total health and wellness needs.

Mary McLain

Chiropractic Assistant

Mary is a Chiropractic Assistant at Live Pure.  She joined our team in October 2017.  Mary graduated from Texas Tech University in 2013 with a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and a minor in Mathematics.  Mary is from Arlington, Texas and she and her family moved to Midland in 2016.  She has been married to John McLain for five years and they have three sons, John, Dallas and Miller.

Amber Accadia

Chiropractic Assistant

Amber is a Chiropractic Assistant at Live Pure.  Amber joined our team in May 2017.  She is a graduate of Lee High School and attended The University of Texas in Austin.  She is a Permian Basin native.  Amber is married to Davis Accadia and they have a daughter, Blake.