Trust our practice for soft-touch chiropractic care in Midland, TX

When you think of chiropractic care, you might picture forceful treatments that produce startling pops and cracks. Live Pure Chiropractic uses gentler techniques. We practice soft touch chiropractic care in Midland, TX.

When you participate in soft touch chiropractic care, we'll:

Analyze the position of your spine
Decide how to correct it
Use a combination of gentle techniques

Our soft touch chiropractic techniques include a directional non-force technique, a low-force and directionally specific thumb technique and an instrument-assisted technique.

Our goal is to prioritize your experience as a patient. We want you to experience relief that lasts without experiencing high-pressure or high-impact treatments. Use our Contact page today to arrange for an appointment with a compassionate professional.

Why use soft touch?

You can choose soft touch chiropractic when you want personalized, gentle treatment. Many of our patients like that it involves only a few initial visits and little follow-up care. They also like that it's suitable for all ages, so we can treat their whole family. Schedule a visit right away to experience our careful treatment.